Five militants killed, 20 explosive devices seized in north Baghdad

April 23, 2014 - 12:51:14 pm

BAGHDAD: Baghdad Operations Command announced that five militants were killed and more than 20 explosive devices, weapons and different equipments were seized in the Taji area north of Baghdad. 

The command said in a statement today "A force of the brigade 22 carried out raids and searches in the (Tel al-Tasa, Horra and lakes areas) in Taji, north of Baghdad, killing five terrorists and seizing more than twenty IEDs and weapons as well as different equipments." 

The statement added "The force has also managed to destroy and burn two vehicles and killed the terrorists while trying to escape, and destroy the hideouts of terrorists." 

Meanwhile, Al-Hurriyah air base in Kirkuk was subjected, at dawn Wednesday, to bombing by three anonymous rockets. 

A police source in Kirkuk told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA ) that three rockets landed near the air base, which several military units and the leadership of the police and UNAMI take the base as headquarters, no causalities registered. 

The source noted that the army units conducted search operations in the areas supposed the rockets came from, and they found two platforms to launch these missiles in the Wasity neighborhood at central Kirkuk. (QNA)