Qatar standards organization calls for adherence to food packaging standards

April 12, 2014 - 1:01:33 pm

DOHA: Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology has urged all food producers, distributors and vendors.

As well as shop owners and managers, owners of restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops, to strictly adhere to the conditions and standards for the mobilization and provision of some kinds of food.

In this regard, the Organization reiterated the need to adherence to the approved standards for food packaging of all kinds of paper, plastic or any other packaging material.

The Organization reiterated prohibition of the use of polyethylene bags, newspapers or various publications in food packaging.

It also warned restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops of the use of cups, dishes or cutlery that are not conforming to the approved standards.

The Ministry of Environment Dr. Mohammad bin Saif Al-Kuwari said that recalling the need to comply with the requirements and standards for food packaging.

Comes in implementation of the Organization's strategy for the year 2010 - 2020, which includes its vision at the national level in terms of the preparation of regulations, accreditation and work on the application of the standard specifications of goods and products.

It also comes in implementation of the Qatari regulation on the food packaging standards which stipulate that all materials used in the manufacture of containers made of plastic, paper or cardboard or manufactured from foam or any similar materials, to comply to food standards and not to affect the content or interact with food. (QNA)