QF International to move head office from Washington to Doha

April 09, 2014 - 11:06:22 am

WASHINGTON: United States-based member of Qatar Foundation (QF), Qatar Foundation International (QFI) will move its headquarters from here to Doha as part of its restructuring plan to expand Arabic Language and Culture's (ALC) global reach.

QFI Executive Director Maggie Mitchell Salem said, "We will restructure the organization to become more global in our reach. Our headquarters will move to Doha, Qatar, where our parent organization Qatar Foundation is based and QFI's Washington, DC office will focus on existing programs from our current location."

A non-profit organisation, QFI's work focuses on giving grants and promotes education to facilitate collaborations across geographical, social and cultural boundaries.

The group, celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2014, is involved in connecting cultures and advancing global citizenship through education and aims to expand its Arabic Language and Culture (ALC) programme. 

"Five years of cultivating a global citizenry through programmes that engage, excite and inspire youth around the world," she said.

As of July 1, 2014, we will expand the ALC programme to serve heritage and native speakers in addition to our already robust offerings for foreign language learners. This means spreading Arabic language and culture to all corners of the world," said Salem.

QFI has already expanded beyond the Americas, she said. 

"In 2011 and 2012, QFI provided assistance to the British Council and Qatar Foundation for the launch of an Arabic language and culture programme in the UK as part of the Qatar-UK Year of Culture."

Based on this success, the headquarters in Doha, under QFI-DC's guidance, will be leading the effort on the global expansion of the ALC programme.

In our five years of operation, we have established models that work and a very strong network of educators, advisors, professionals, and partners. 

The QFI headquarters will use our experience as a template for other parts of the world, she added. (QNA)