Algeria's foreign reserves are $194bn

April 08, 2014 - 1:41:28 pm

TUNIS: Algeria has $194 billion of foreign reserves, covering three years of imports, and the OPEC member will take steps if needed to adjust to any sharp drop in oil prices, its finance minister  said on Tuesday.

"Every country has the right to take the necessary measures in case there is a crisis," Karim Djoudi said on the sidelines of a summit in Tunis, when asked about government plans if energy prices fall in the international market.

Algeria, whose reserves are built up from oil and gas exports, has been increasing spending on social programmes, credits and housing to help ease any social unrest.

Djoudi had said the government would scrap some projects in the event of a fall of crude prices but that would not include social measures.

Oil and gas exports account for about 97 percent of total sales abroad, with the government struggling to boost reforms and diversify its economy. (Reuters)