Two ISIS militants killed in Iraq

March 15, 2014 - 10:56:10 am

BAGHDAD: Baghdad Operations Command announced that two snipers belonging to ISIS were killed. 

Five improvised explosive devices dismantled, and a number of wanted men arrested in different parts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad over the past 24 hours, National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) reported.

The command said in a statement today that "a force of brigade 60 managed to kill two snipers and destroy their vehicle within the Amiriya bridge area, west of Baghdad." 

"While another force of the Sixth Brigade of the federal police dismantled two explosive devices in the Ghazaliya area."

The statement stated that "another force of the command was able to defuse three explosive devices in each of the Bakriah area, west of Baghdad, Karrada area in central Baghdad, and Sadr City east of Baghdad without causalities." 

Adding that "according to arrest warrants, a number of wanted men arrested in accordance with Article (4) terrorism in different parts of Baghdad over the past 24 hours." (QNA)