Qatar lauds IAEA's pivotal role in nuclear safety

March 04, 2014 - 2:55:00 pm

VIENNA: The State of Qatar reaffirmed the pivotal role the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been playing in the field of nuclear safety and enhancing international nuclear safety, saying that nuclear safety is a protection to the human being , society and the environment.

Qatar reiterated that the nuclear safety inside the country is an essential responsibility of the state in implementing the regional and international commitments.

Through many measures such as cooperation closely with IAEA and implementing its standards and joining the relevant international conventions .

Governor of Qatar to the IAEA Board of Governors Ambassador Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Hammadi, made the remarks at the spring session of IAEA Board of Governors of 2014 held in Vienna, and which discussed enhancing IAEA's activities related to nuclear safety.

In his speech, Al-Hammadi said Qatar is seeking to establish a network of regional and international cooperation to help it implement its commitments and to reassure the international community.

Especially the regional neighboring countries on its thoughtful nuclear security system which is starting from physical protection of all nuclear materials, radioactive substances, its transporting, storage, usage and security of nuclear installations.

He stated that Qatar commended IAEA's pivotal role and efforts to enhance member states' emergency preparedness and response capabilities because of the threats posed by Nuclear and radiation cross-border accidents so it must combine efforts and national measures with regional and international measures in order to control any nuclear emergencies.

He noted that Qatar calls on countries that have nuclear facilities, especially in our region.

To speed to join the international conventions in the field of nuclear security in order to reassure on the safety of the operating systems in reactors owned by the states and their applicable to international procedures in the field of nuclear security at those facilities because any nuclear accident will have long -term and cross-border impact on people and environment, especially water sources.

Al-Hammadi asserted IAEA's key role in addressing challenges facing some member states, which began to enter into nuclear programs.

Through providing their expertise in the necessary development of infrastructure to cope with the weak capacity of organizing and observing bodies to face challenges of Nuclear Installations Safety. (QNA)