Kuwait highlights GCC social development plan at UN

February 14, 2014 - 1:56:57 pm

KUWAIT: Kuwait has provided a briefing on the GCC plan for social development during the 52nd UN's social development committee meeting.

Speaking to the committee late Thursday, Kuwaiti Diplomatic Attache Aliya Al-Mzaini said that it was important to meet social development goals ahead of the UN Millennium Development Goal of 2015. 

Therefore, the GCC had undertaken the vitality of achieving justice to all sectors of society, Kuwait KUNA news agency reported.

Providing basic services, technology and information, a comprehensive job market, and social security are amongst the various goals within the GCC plan for social development, said the Kuwait diplomat.

The GCC shares the UN concerns over achieving its millennium development goals of 2015 and the Gulf States will continue to implement strategies to achieve social justice and development within their individual countries, said Al-Mzaini.

Issues and problems connected to the treatment of senior citizens, the disabled, and the less fortunate are on the helm of GCC concerns and Kuwait. 

Along with its GCC counterparts, would hopefully tackle problems facing each social component, concluded the official. (QNA)