GCC Secretary General opens seminar on human rights

February 04, 2014 - 2:14:02 pm

RIYADH: GCC Secretart General Dr. Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani opened on Tuesday a seminar on the achievements of the GCC countries in the field of human rights.

Addressing the opening session, Al-Zayani said the international community has sought to intensify its efforts towards the promotion of human rights in several ways by taking international resolutions.

Such as the United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 251/60 of 2006 establishing the Human Rights Council in Geneva, or by the enactment of international treaties and conventions and the related mechanisms.

He added that the GCC states had not been absent from these efforts, saying they have contributed effectively in promoting the protecting the concepts of human rights through their firm legal positions towards international events, and supporting all efforts aimed to enhance human rights criteria, guided in that by the principles of "our Islamic religion which ensured that each person, regardless of his colour, sex, race or religion, all the rights that would enable him to enjoy a free and dignified live."

Dr. Al Zayani said the GCC states have won international praise in the field of human rights protection by reviewing its records of human rights at the UN Human Rights Council, explaining that the majority of GCC states were elected was elected as members of the Human Rights Council since its inception in 2006, and still the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are still members of the Council.

He said the GCC statesparticipated in the formulation and preparation of the Arab Charter on Human Rights in 2004.

As the first Arab document on human rights, and gained membership of the Permanent Arab Committee for Human Rights.

The GCC Secretary General stressed that the establishment of an Arab Court for Human Rights in Bahrain, which came in response to an initiative by King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, was an evidence for the prestigious status which GCC gained in this area.

The GCC Secretary General said GCC states have established ministries, bodies and national committees dealing with human rights and pressed ahead towards the ratification of and accession to many international agreements and conventions, and continued the development of thier national legislations concerning the protection of human rights.

He called on GCC countries continues to increase contacts with international human rights organizations and the international media to inform them on what they have achieved in this area. (QNA)