Hungarian FM confirms desire to strengthen relations with Qatar

January 22, 2014 - 1:18:04 pm

DOHA: Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Janos Martonyi stressed his country's desire to strengthen its relations with the State of Qatar and transfer them to a new level in both political and economic fields.

In this regard, he expressed optimism about the ongoing meetings between officials of the two countries, especially on the economic front.

In an interview with the Qatari Arabic daily (Al-Sharq) published today, the Hungarian minister pointed out that the diplomatic relations between the two countries were established nearly twenty years ago, stressing that bilateral relations are developing steadily.

He said that the aim of his current visit to Qatar is to explore the possibilities of further cooperation between the two countries.

Martonyi added that the two countries signed two agreements last year to promote economic cooperation and establish the Joint Economic Committee, which will meet soon and which aims to work to explore all areas of economic cooperation between Qatar and Hungary.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister also expressed his country's desire to enter into a project to bring Qatari gas to a receiving station in his country.

And then to all Central Europe countries through the European network of gas, pointing out that the issue is currently under discussion.

Experts from Budapest will visit Doha next week to discuss the details of the project, he added.

Martonyi emphasised that Budapest is ready to help in supporting special projects for the World Cup 2022.

To be hosted by Qatar as well as water security projects, expressing his country's desire to raise the volume of trade exchange with Doha through food products produced by Hungary.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi expressed his country's readiness to offer its experiences and knowledge in order to contribute to the success of the State of Qatar in hosting 2022 World Cup finals.

Hungary is located in the center of Europe and its economy is growing more than the rest of the European Union countries, but it has a problem in the field of energy, Martonyi said and added that they expect more of Qatari investments in Hungary in all sectors.

About the existence of an integrated plan for the transmission of Qatari liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe, Martonyi said yes, there is a plan.

But it is not approved yet and not fully completed, adding that it is in an advanced stage.

He said "we do not want our relations with Qatar to be limited to energy sector," adding that there are many possibilities for cooperation between the two countries, such as cooperation in the field of museums, culture, scientific research, universities, ministries of interior, counter-terrorism and cyber-attacks.

Regarding the Middle East issue, the Hungarian minister stressed his country's interest in the success of peace process in the Middle East and achieving its desired goal.

But said that Hungary is a small country and does not have a lot of influence in this direction, and as a member of the European Union it always tries to help and push things towards the right direction.

In this regard, Martonyi expressed his country's rejection of any unilateral act in the peace process.

On the economic measures taken by several European countries against Israel and the products of the settlements.

He said that currently his country doesn't have this orientation and many countries have their own policies and settlements.

Regarding the Syrian crisis, he expressed hope that the Geneva II Conference would succeed in reaching a solution because the situation in Syria is unacceptable. (QNA)