Natural disasters kills 1,181 and losses about $98bn in China this year

December 28, 2013 - 12:54:23 pm

BEIJING: Various natural disasters had killed 1,181 people and left another 431 missing as of December 13 this year, according to an annual work report of the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) on Friday.

Some 390 million people across the country were affected by disasters, which resulted in economic losses of up to 592.96 billion Yuan or 97.72 billion US dollars, the report said.

The National Committee for Disaster Reduction and the MCA have issued 49 warning or emergency responses in response to various disasters, and a total of 10.1 billion Yuan in disaster relief funds was allocated by the central authorities this year, the report added.

Li Liguo, Minister of Civil Affairs China, said that the ministry will create a statistical system to calculate losses caused by major accidents.

Adding that it will give more financial support to the development of old revolutionary bases, minority and border areas, and poverty-stricken areas in 2014. (QNA)

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