Ministry of Culture builds cultural relations with Arab and foreign countries

December 16, 2013 - 2:15:57 pm

DOHA: The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage made important achievements at the level of cultural relations with Arab and foreign countries, and has worked to spread the Qatari culture.

Putting as major priorities the support for local artists and providing a cultural works based on Authenticity and Modernity.

In a report on the occasion of the National day, the Ministry of Culture affirmed that it is a key partner in organizing different activities in the event.

The Ministry and its departments during the last year, organized events in various areas of arts.

Regarding theatre, the ministry celebrated the World Theatre Day, and organized the Doha Theatre Festival as well as the Youth Theatre Festival.

In addition to the active participation in different Arab and non-Arab theatre event and hosting theatrical groups from different cultural backgrounds with the aim of building bridges of communication between the Qatari theatrical groups and their counterparts from around the world.

The ministry's department of Visual Arts organized, during 2013 festivals, gatherings and local art exhibitions.

It also and sponsored the participation of Qatari artists in several events outside the country.

Throughout the year the department of Visual Arts organized technical workshops and training courses in the fields of fine arts, graphics, photography, and invited reputable Arab and foreign artists to organize exhibitions in Doha and to participate in workshops and training courses.

In the field of Authoring, the Ministry has spared no effort in publishing the local production and promoting the Qatari writers and also providing the international intellectual production for the Qatari readers.

The Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage attaches great importance to the youth and junior sectors.

Out of that the Ministry has introduced two new departments to service these sectors.

These are the Department of Youth Activities and Events and the Department of Youth Centres.

The department of culture and arts at the ministry also organized several events including forums, symposiums, workshops and seminar on various areas of culture and arts.

The department of Research and Cultural Studies prepared during 2013 number of publications.

Including Directory of cultural institutions in the State of Qatar, Directory GCC states Authors, Directory of cultural institutions of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and several books and papers written by Qatari intellectuals.

During 2013, the department of heritage in the ministry, held several meetings, exhibitions and workshops, of that the meeting of the 24th session of the Intergovernmental Committee of intellectual and human resources on traditional knowledge and folklore, and the pavilion of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in the exhibition accompanying of the eighth international conference of the commerce chambers.

The Ministry's department of public libraries participated Cairo 44th International Book Fair, Muscat 8th International Book Fair, London International Book Fair, Al-Jazeera 9th Documentary Film Festival, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and Expo America Book fair.

It also participated in organizing the Scientific Forum under the title "Digitization, means to preserve the Heritage.

The Department of Youth Activities during 2013 organized several activities including religious contests, scientific forums, social activities and camp.

The Department of Cultural Activities organized a range of activities and events including First Youth Scientific Forum under the title innovations of Our Children for the Service of Our Country, with the participation of 120 school and university students at the age of 15-30, and a workshop for girls titled My Culture to Build My Character, which aimed to develop the capacity of girls through the use of lingual dialogue and the exchange of opinion to gain positive communication skills, and to develop self-confidence.

The Department of Social Activities and Camps organized a trip to Turkey for distinguished Qatari children with the aim of familiarizing them with the features of comprehensive development in the country as well as the historical sites and monuments.

It also organized the third spring training camp for girls with the participation of 40 girls aged 13-15 year in order to develop their skills and improve their health and educational experience.

The Annual report of the "Doha" magazine, shows significant progress in the Arab markets.

Doha Magazine has achieved a sales rate of 100 percent of the 10.800 copies printed.

The magazine during 2013 received requests, from distributers in the Arab countries, to increase the quota by 200 to 1000 percent.

A short film was produced about Doha Magazine telling about its establishment and contributions to the Arab culture. (QNA)


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