Ministry of Interior watchful eye on community's security and safety

December 13, 2013 - 11:27:59 am

DOHA: The watchful eye on the security and safety of the citizen and the guarantee of the distinctive life of stability that prevails the State of Qatar.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has always been making diligent effort and competently assume its responsibilities to actively participate in community service and protection.

MoI and its subsidiary bodies have strived during the years 2012-2013 to continue the effort towards the development and upgrading in various fields to keep up with the comprehensive renaissance taking place in the country, which resulted in delivering distinguished performance and helped in achieving many successes.

In this regard, the State of Qatar topped, for the fifth consecutive year, the Middle East and North Africa countries in the in the 2013 world peace index issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace, as it ranked the first among Arab, Middle East and north African and 19th among the 162 countries included in the 2013 report.

According to the State domestic achievements book of the year 2012-2013, issued by the Cabinet General Secretariat, about the programmes of the MoI, security came as a major strategic indicator.

The efforts of the ministry and its subsidiaries led to reducing the major crimes by 10 percent, unknown crimes by 5 percent and the theft crimes by 5 percent.

MoI has also succeeded to keep other types of crimes such as aggravated assault, rape, arson and kidnapping people at the lowest levels.

With regard to human resources, the ministry's strategy includes raising the percentage of Qatarization by 10 percent, training of 2,000 employees annually and build the capacity of 28,000 employees annually at their work stations, with minim rate of return, from training, of 90 percent, increasing the women's job satisfaction to 80 percent and increase the job satisfaction by 10 percent.

The Interior Ministry has been playing a prominent role in participating in the most important international security-related exhibitions such as (Milipol Qatar) which has become one of the most important security exhibition in the Middle East being the only one specialized in internal state security.

Among the achievements of the ministry also, that Qatar, occupied the Asia seat at the Executive Committee of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), during the executive meeting of INTERPOL, in the Italian capital, Rome.

In the framework of the ministry's efforts to achieve information security, The Center of Information Security was founded and has actually managed to achieve information security for all ministries and state institutions, which led to securing information systems and internal networks from intrusions and viruses as well as middle and high-risk security vulnerabilities.

The Interior Ministry this year has achieved new successes by winning a number of awards in several areas, of that, the ministry's official Facebook page won the award of best interactive platform or ministries sites 2012.

As part of the official competition organized by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development and the Academy of Internet Awards the in the Arab region.

For the eighth consecutive year MoI won the first rank in the Awareness Film Competition, organized by the bureau of security information at the general secretariat of the Arab interior ministers council.

The Ministry of the Interior was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit in the field of social responsibility for 2013 at the Arab level of the Arab world, Tatweej Academy for Excellence Awards.

It also won the award for the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility and the Golden Excellence Shield for Smart Services for launching the Emergency Service for the deaf, which was considered the highest and most prestigious smart services in the field of social responsibility.

MOI also achieved a new distinction by winning excellence award in geographic information systems awarded by American Systems Research Institute outperforming more than 100 thousand institutions worldwide.

In the administrative field MoI completed the establishment of the Center for Strategic Security Studies.

It also introduced a center of information security which is intended to protect the IT infrastructure of all ministries and state bodies from intrusions and viruses.

During last year, the Ministry finished the first phase of the Police College project.

It also succeeded in replacing police force personnel in the administrative functions with female civilian labour force and preparing a plan for the Qatarization of administrative jobs occupied by non-Qataris.

In the area of human rights, MoI examined and took decisions on the complaints and petitions which numbered in 2012 to 690 complaints up by 7.66 percent compared to 2011.

With regard to construction, the Ministry of the Interior during the financial year 2012 - 2013 inaugurated a large number of buildings and premises of its departments.

Including new security service complex of Rayyan Security Department, the headquarters of the General Directorate of Civil Defense, and the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department.

The Ministry of Interior continued its efforts in the field of security information through the implementation of a number of read, audio and visual media programs varied.

Aimed in its entirety to raise the sense of security and dissemination of security and safety culture and the promotion of traffic safety in all segments of Qatari society.

In the area of international cooperation. MoI sought to consolidate and activate its cooperation and coordination relations at the Arab and international levels by attending and hosting conferences, meetings, and by exchanging visits and the concluding agreements with the sisterly and friendly countries. (QNA)


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