Ministry contributes effectively to Qatar's development goals

December 09, 2013 - 11:37:52 am

DOHA: The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning contributes effectively to the State's development goals and its achievements have a direct impact on the public.

This year, the Ministry accomplished several projects whether for improving its performance and services, or for boosting Qatar’s comprehensive construction plan and developing different municipalities.

The Ministry completed a feasibility study on a draft project of Bus Rapid Transit System.

It prepared a draft strategy for housing workers, and a draft of the temporary directory of the guidelines and requirements for the development of coastal areas.

The Ministry embarked on a national heritage strategy and the preparation of master plans for the Doha Port in collaboration with the Public Works Authority (Ashghal).

The Ministry contributed to the 2022 FIFA World Cup project by preparing master plans for stadiums areas, locating 92 exercise playgrounds in all parts of Qatar.

It also provided support to Qatar Olympic Committee by preparing the general plan for the Olympic Park in Lusail City, preparing the general plan for Qatar Sports and Cultural Centre, co-ordinating the general plan for Qatar Tennis Federation area, and implementing Al Furjan Project.

The total number of new projects for the distribution of land, in co-ordination with the Department of Urban Planning, in 2012 to 2013 reached 5942.

They were distributed in areas in west of Al Khor, north of Al Nasiriyah and Al Wekair.

The Ministry resolved 120 violations of encroachments on state property and conducted 510 previews for mainland houses.

The Ministry's Geographic Information Center installed around 100,000 property panels within the first phase of the unified number of buildings and facilities in Qatar.

It is currently implementing the second phase of the project.

In the area of public parks, the Ministry's plantations covered 100 percent of the gardens within the municipalities.

From 2012 to May 2103, the Ministry distributed more than two million seedlings, and supervised the implementation of 30 projects to create gardens and playgrounds and beautify the streets of various municipalities.

The Ministry completed 14 projects.

The Ministry developed its internal services through a number of projects.

Including a service application for the Ministry's employees through smart devices, the search service for public gardens, SMS service and others.

The municipalities are seeking to complete many projects in the future based on the State’s vision for development and modernization.

For instance, the setting up of a new location for the construction of operations management complex for all units of the hygiene department, the rehabilitation and training for pest control teams while minimizing the use of pesticides by using mechanical methods and traps.

Doha Municipality is also working on the rehabilitation of sub-municipal councils and activating their role in the delivery of services and promoting environmental awareness on the importance of hygiene, insects and rodent control and the dangers of pesticides.

As well as the implementation of the rodent control project for non-agricultural facilities in the farms in Qatar for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015. (QNA)


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