Iraq lawmaker Bayati hails decision to cancel Adhamiya sit-in

February 14, 2013 - 12:52:36 pm

BAGHDAD: Iraq National Assembly and United Iraq Alliance member Abbas Al Bayati Thursday welcomed the step to cancel demonstrations and unified prayer planned Friday in Adhamiya, north east of Baghdad, describing it as a wise step.
Lawmaker Bayati hailed the leaders for their role in the cancellation saying the current security situation in Baghdad was not right for escalating political posturing and pushing vested interests that could lead to more violence.
Organizer of Fallujah sit-ins, Sheikh Khaled Hamoud Al Jumaili yesterday declared the postponement of the common and unified prayer.
The decision to postpone came after appeals by senior clerics and religious scholars, including Mufti of Iraq Sheikh Rafie Al Rifai, to prevent any untoward incidents.
"The sit-ins, demonstrations and unified prayer in Anbar and other provinces will continue through the legal, constitutional and peaceful conducts," Jumaili said.
Organisers of the demonstrations in Anbar province had earlier announced to go to Baghdad and offer Friday prayer in the mosque of Imam Azam which had sparked fears of clashes with security forces.
Some politicians feared that Al Qaeda and Baath party members would pitch tents in Baghdad for the sit-ins and demonstrations.
Member of Parliament Ihsan Al Awadi said, "The decision of shifting the demonstrations to Baghdad came because the demonstrators were convinced that there were real threats that could harm the national unity and the social texture."
We hope that the decision was taken due to the government's security plans, but based on trust between the government and the demonstrators who responded to their demands, he said. (QNA)