UAE father to die for torturing daughter to death

February 13, 2013 - 2:44:10 pm
DUBAI: A UAE court on Wednesday sentenced to death an Emirati father for torturing his two daughters, one of them to death, and jailed his mistress for life on the same charges, local media reported.
"An Emirati father who mercilessly tortured and killed his eight-year-old daughter Wadeema will be executed," reported local daily Gulf News on its website.
The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced 29-year-old Hamad Saud Juma al-Shirawi, a security official, to death. His 27-year-old girlfriend Al-Anoud Mohammed al-Ameri, a housewife, was jailed for life, said the daily.
Shirawi "will be executed by facing a firing squad as soon as the capital punishment becomes irrevocable and is endorsed by the ruler," it said.
The couple had tortured the two girls -- Wadeema and Meera -- over a six-month period at their Dubai flat.
They are charged with torturing Wadeema to death and burying her without a permit, as well as causing a permanent disability to her seven-year-old sister.

The couple, arrested last year, were charged with imprisoning and using physical and mental torture against Wadeema and Meera.
The verdict is subject to appeal within 15 days. (AFP)