At the direction of HH the Heir Apparent.. sports clubs committee formed

February 09, 2013 - 2:48:30 pm
DOHA:  At the direction and approval of HH the Heir Apparent and President of Qatar Olympic Committee Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, a committee for sports clubs affairs was set up under the chairmanship of HE Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, the Secretary-General of the Qatar Olympic Committee, with the aim of continuous development of the Qatari sports clubs and keep pace with contemporary changes.

The committee includes Meshaal Nasser Al Khalifa as vice-chairman and the membership of Khalil Ibrahim al-Jaber, Mohammad Saad al-Moghaisab and Ali Mohammad al-Tamimi.

The committee was formed under the Article No. (4) of Law No. (11) for 2011 on the organization of the Qatari sports clubs.

The committee will be responsible for licensing the establishment and relocation of sports clubs. It will also receive license applications and decide on grievances.

The committee shall also be responsible for making decisions on the merge or resolve of clubs and set temporary Board of Directors, and the issuance of the decision to disband a Board of Directors of any sports club and the appointment of a temporary Board of Directors, as well as the decision to continue activities, disposition money or documents, temporary appointment of the Board of Directors for any of the clubs that are to be merged or resolved, in accordance with the provisions of articles (38) and (40) of the law on regulating the clubs.

The committee shall also exclude members of the board of directors who are found responsible for the irregularities which led to the resolve or merge of the club from blocking the nomination for the membership of the boards of directors of other clubs from the period specified in Article (45) of the sports clubs law.

The committee's terms of reference also include the resolution to close a club headquarters and its affiliates while deciding on the grievances. The staff of the relevant committee will enjoy judicial monitoring under the decision of the public prosecutor in agreement with the Chairman of the Committee and the issuance of the necessary decisions to implement the provisions of the sports clubs law. (QNA)