Japan unveils new bullet train

February 08, 2013 - 12:41:43 pm
TOKYO: A Japanese railway has unveiled a new Shinkansen bullet train featuring an improved braking feature to enhance safety during earthquakes.
The Central Japan Railway Company's first bullet train upgrade in 6 years is known as the N700A, an improved version of the N700.
A large number of railway fans viewed the departure of the first N700A from Tokyo Station on Friday morning.
The new model's top speed remains at 270 kilometers per hour.
But it boasts an improved braking system that can reduces its stopping distance from top speed by 300 to 400 meters.
The new model instead emphasizes safety in the event of earthquakes or other contingencies, when stopping time is crucial in avoiding serious accidents.
The N700A's computer-controlled system also maintains a constant speed regardless of terrain. (QNA)