Kuwaiti citizen released after failed kidnapping

January 05, 2013 - 2:17:42 pm
BEIRUT: Unknown assailants stopped and kidnapped Kuwaiti contractor on way to Mansourieh under pretence of being police, then released him when his family declined to pay the ransom, NNA reported on Saturday.

Moueen Rashad Khorshid was driving his car along the factories road of the Lebanese village of Mansourieh when a car with three offenders blocked him off.

The offenders wore jackets with "police" written on them and dragged him out of his car, tied him to the back seat of their car and drove him away.

Khorshid's car was taken to Ramlet el Bayda where a man and a woman telephoned the family of the kidnapped and demanded the sum of five hundred thousand dollars. The family, however, refused to comply, prompting the release of Khorshid in the locality of Gallery Semaan. (QNA)