Colombian military kills 13 FARC rebels

January 02, 2013 - 12:00:00 am
BOGOTA: Colombian troops have killed at least 13 leftist FARC rebels, the president said Tuesday, as the government remained on the offensive even as it talks peace with the guerrillas.


Monday's attack targeted a rebel unit in northwest Antioquia department, President Juan Manuel Santos said on Twitter.


The military said the death toll could rise because the rebel camp housed up to 20 men.


The government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia have been holding peace talks in Cuba since November 19 in a new push to end Latin America's longest running military conflict.


Before the talks started, the rebels declared a ceasefire lasting until January 20 as a goodwill gesture and called on the government to do the same.


Santos refused, saying that in previous talks the rebels used a demilitarized zone set up for them by the government to regroup and rearm. (AFP)