Ministry of Labour: Continuous efforts in creating new job opportunities

December 13, 2012 - 1:55:37 pm

DOHA: The Ministry of Labour is one of the concerned ministries to bear the burden of reducing unemployment rates and find jobs for graduates as well as to improve the conditions of the employees in the country and save their rights, hence, the achievements of the Ministry affect directly the citizen and the resident and everyone works in Qatar.


The National Manpower Development activity is concerned with the registration and nomination of citizens seeking work and follow-up their appointments in different job sectors. It also follows-up supply and demand of the national manpower in the country's labour market and try to find a natural balance between providing jobs for all citizens or directing them to gain technical skills or additional professional skills.


During the period from 1/1/2012 to 31/10/2012, the Ministry of Labour appointed 3259 of job seekers registered in the ministry's database. The number of appointees in the governmental sector has reached 2478, of whom 1173 are females and 1305 are males. On the other hand 781 were appointed in the non-governmental sector, including 632 females and 149 males.


The Labour Ministry also made a number of studies for the implementation of a number of projects, including an action plan to guide the university graduates looking for jobs in non-appropriate specializations for their rehabilitation in collaboration with Qatar Center for Career Development, a strategy for the Qatari labour market sector, a development plan for the rehabilitation to help those less fortunate, a training and rehabilitation program at the College of the North Atlantic and school guidance.


The ministry also carried out projects on part-time job for women and bring citizens from non-university graduates to work as delegates, replacing non-Qataris, in the ministries and governmental bodies.


The ministry implemented an employment project for the registered job seekers who deserve social security and those with special needs in addition to a number of programs, including summer training program 2012, the adoption of Electronic Service for the Defense and Interior Ministries for job seekers who are under the age of (30) years and the participation in Qatar Career Fair 2011.


Regarding conferences, seminars and lectures, the ministry has participated during the period from 1/1/2012 to 31/10/2012 in several seminars and conferences, including Workshop on Qatari Male Youth Reluctant to Pursue Higher Education, Enhance the Partnership for Civil Capacity Building in Arab world, the 4th meeting of the Joint Task Force team for professional qualifications system in the GCC States and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD XIII).


The Department of Labour Relations at the Ministry of is concerned with in labour disputes arising between the workers and business owners and try to resolve them in the light of the Qatari Labour Law, where the number of labour complaints that have been studied from January to October 2012 have reached 4490 made by 6855 workers. The Ministry preserved and resolved 1167 complaints by 91.3% of the total number of complaints.


Employment in the construction sector accounted the majority of other sectors in terms of complaints of 46.9%, while the percentage of workers' complainants from the wholesale and retail trade sector and vehicles repair reached 12.0% followed by the rest of sectors of about 41.1%.


From January to October 2012, the ministry issued1345 statistical certificate and ratified 3,017,300 documents (contracts and certificates) in all branches of the administration of labour relations offices in addition to the main branch.


The functions of the ministry's Recruitment Department is studying requests for bringing in labor from abroad for different companies and institutions and submitted to the permanent immigration committee to give final approvals.


During the period from January to October 2012, there were 26419 requests of new employment, of which 18854 requests was approved by 71.4%.


Regarding work permits to women who are ensured by their relatives, 8779 requests have been submitted to the department of permits during the period from January to October 2012, from which 3533 have been approved.


The permits Recruitment Department at the Labour Ministry had also activated an SMS service. The applicants can prepare, certify and scan their documents online and submit them to the relevant e-mail address.


The Inspection Department at the Labour Ministry conducts periodic and sudden inspection of enterprises operating in the State of Qatar and which are subjected to the Qatari labour law.


To make sure that these enterprises are implementing the provisions of the labour law, the ministry's inspectors made during this period a total of 30,099 visits to some of these facilities to check compliance of the labour law.


Health and safety inspectors for their part also made 8369 inspection visits to some facilities to check compliance of the labour law.


The Inspection Department seeks to develop the administration continuously in cooperation with other departments in the ministry and other ministries.


The administration makes a schedule of the most important projects that have been implemented and that will be implemented in the near future as there are special committees.


In all the strategic projects of the labour market sector, subsidiary work teams had been formed to implement the programs of each project. The teams put implementation plans and schedules for some projects, including project No. 6 to improve the legislation of the labour market and the growing institutional capacity. This aims to:


1 - Improving institutional capacity for strategic planning and creating labour market policies.


2 - Improving the coordination capabilities between the ministry's departments and between the ministry and other bodies related to the labour market.


3 - Improving the institutional capacity for an effective management of the labour market's data and information.


4 - Improving the institutional capacity to interact with the public.

5 - Improving the institutional capacity to attract distinctive competencies and appointing professional experts in the labor market.


6 - Improving the ability of human resources and strengthening leadership skills.


The work team has also prepared a study on amendment of the sponsorship system and its impact on the labour market and submitted it to the General Secretariat for Development Planning to study it with the Ministry of the Interior.


Project No.7 for information and research of labor market aims to:


1. Know the future needs of professions for the State, direct and guide the Qataris to them.

2. Set the strategic plans to bring jobs to the private sector for Qataris.

3. Follow-up the increase rate of each nationality of the existing jobs in the state.

4. Study the meeting of the education outcomes for the needs of the labor market.

5. Build decisions and determine the labor market's policies on the basis of factual data.

6. Prepare periodic reports required for international and regional organizations according to the international rankings.

7. Prepare semi-annual periodic studies on data and outputs of the labor market. A timetable for implementing the project has been set and a database of the labour market has been established with connection with the parties participating in the project.


Project No.8 for employment services, counseling and vocational guidance aims at providing guidance and counseling for Qataris on high quality training, employment opportunities and working as well as providing professional advice about the quality of services that are used with the implementation of an effective mediation system for Qatari labors including the awareness of benefits of higher education. A work team has been completely formed and a time frame for the project has been set in addition to the formation of three teams to cover the special programs of the project. The heads of the work team has been assigned to communicate with members of the sub-committees to take what is necessary to initiate initial studies for each program. (QNA)