France reaffirms support for democratic transition process in Yemen

 24 Nov 2012 - 11:19


PARIS: France has reiterated full support for the Yemeni authorities and efforts to implement "an orderly transition" that will be peaceful and democratic in that country.
One year later, France "wants to reaffirm its support to the national unity government and the president" of Yemen, French Foreign Ministry spokesman Phillip Lalliot said in a statement last night.
The French Foreign Ministry statement also noted the role of the GCC in helping initiate a transition in Yemen and that this role allowed for progress and a move to meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people.
The French statement called on all parties in Yemen to work within the national dialogue in a "transparent and balanced manner" and urged that all parties be involved in this process.
France said that working with the GCC countries it was prepared to provide legal assistance to help with the dialogue process and a possible future constitution.
Lalliot also indicated that France "remains open to all demands for aid which are sent to it" by the Yemeni authorities. (QNA)