2nd EU-Arab League ministerial meeting kicks off

 13 Nov 2012 - 13:10


CAIRO: The second EU-Arab League ministerial meeting kicked off at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo Tuesday with 48 delegations participating.
The participants will discuss through two closed sessions political issues of mutual concern and the situation in Syria, Sudan and Somalia, and the developments of the Palestinian issue, in addition to the Arab-EU cooperation issues.
During the first session, UN-Arab league envoy to Syria Lakhdar Al Brahimi will present a comprehensive review on the outcomes of his efforts.
The ministers will adopt the Cairo Declaration during their closing session later this evening. The declaration would include the two sides vision for the regional and international issues of common interest, especially the situation in the Arab Spring countries, and the situation in Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.
It is scheduled that a crisis management room at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League will be launched on the sidelines of the meeting to be the first fruits of the cooperation between the Arab and European sides in the area of early warning and crisis management, the bulk of which was financed from the European Union.  (QNA)