42 arrested in sweeping drug raids in France and Germany

October 16, 2012 - 12:18:28 pm
NANCY, France: Police in eastern France and Germany made 42 arrests Tuesday in raids aimed at dismantling a suspected network of Albanian heroin traffickers, judicial sources said.


The early morning raids in the French border region of Mulhouse saw 39 detentions while three others were arrested in Germany.


About 50 kilos (110 pounds) of cutting agents used to increase the volume and decrease the purity of a drug, were seized, said RemiCoutin, a prosecutor in the north-eastern city of Nancy.


A total of 200 officers, including members of the elite special operations tactical police unit, and immigration officials took part in the raids.


"The investigators found that there was a huge heroin trafficking network in Albanian and Kosovar circles in the Mulhouse area and also in Switzerland and Germany, accounting for hundreds of kilos," said Coutin.


The swoop follows an investigation launched in 2010 by frontier police over suspicions that ethnic Albanians were involved in a human trafficking ring. (AFP)