MH17: Putin given ‘last chance’

 20 Jul 2014 - 4:18

The MH17 crash site is controlled by armed pro-Russia militia, who are carefully supervising access to journalists and investigators.

London: Global leaders rounded on Vladimir Putin yesterday night as outrage intensified towards Russia when armed separatists continued to block international inspectors attempting to identify and repatriate bodies at the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine.
Amid reports that pro-Russia rebels accused of shooting down the plane had removed corpses and were looting credit cards and other possessions belonging to some of the 298 victims, Mark Rutte, the Dutch Premier, said Putin had “one last chance to show he means to help [rescuers recover the bodies]”. He vented anger following what he called a “very intense” conversation with Putin. Referring to allegations that bodies of the passengers, including 193 Dutch nationals, were being treated with contempt and allowed to rot, he said: “I was shocked at the pictures of disrespectful behaviour at this tragic spot. It’s revolting.” Guardian