Colombia, rebels take responsibility for war victims

 08 Jun 2014 - 2:04

Colombian President and re-election candidate Juan Manuel Santos (centre) piggy rides a motorbike during his electoral campaign tour through several cities of the country yesterday. Santos will face Oscar Ivan Zuluaga in a second electoral round to be held on June 15. 

HAVANA: Colombia’s government and leftist FARC guerrillas both agreed to take responsibility for war victims yesterday, moving forward on peace talks with a week to go before presidential elections.
Peace negotiators meeting in Havana set guidelines for the next round of peace talks, which is about how to honour and compensate the victims of Latin America’s longest running war.
They pressed forward with eight days to go before the run-off between President Juan Manuel Santos and his challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who has threatened to shut the peace process down.
“Each day we feel closer to the mountaintop, to the Mount Everest of rights, which is peace. Without that no other rights are possible,” rebel leader Ivan Marquez said. For the upcoming round, some war victims will travel to Cuba to explain to both sides how they have suffered.