Canada arrests man suspected of killing cops

June 07, 2014 - 6:26:37 am


MONCTON, New Brunswick: Canadian police have arrested a man suspected of having shot dead three police officers and wounding two more, ending a massive manhunt, the police said yesterday.

The shooting in the eastern city of Moncton was one of the worst of its kind in Canada, where gun laws are stricter than in the United States and deadly attacks on police are rare.

Police arrested Justin Bourque, 24, shortly after midnight local time in Moncton, a city of about 70,000 in the East Coast province of New Brunswick.

The arrest was witnessed by Moncton resident Michelle Thibodeau, CBC News reported. She told the broadcaster that after several police officers moved into her backyard, Bourque emerged from a patch of trees with his hands up and said, “I’m done.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superintendent Marlene Snowman told a media briefing that Bourque was unarmed at the time, although there were weapons found in the vicinity.

She said charges were being prepared and the suspect was expected to appear in court later on Friday in Moncton.

Bosnia jails former soldier over war crimes

SARAJEVO:  A Bosnian court yesterday sentenced a former Muslim soldier to 12 years in jail over the killings of ethnic Croats during the country’s 1990s war.

Edin Dzeko, 42, was extradited in December 2011 from the United States, where he had fled after Bosnia’s 1992-1995 war.

He went on trial the following year over the killing of 22 ethnic Croats in the village of Trusina, in southern Bosnia.

“Edin Dzeko was found guilty of taking part in the execution of prisoners of war and civilians” in April 1993, said judge Saban Maksumic.

Dzeko was a member of the special Zulfikar unit, which was under the direct control of the Muslim-led Bosnian army headquarters.

In 2012, Rasema Handanovic, also a member of the Zulfikar unit, became the first woman to be convicted of war crimes by a local court after admitting killing of Croats in Trusina.