Kosovo power plant blast kills three, many hurt

June 07, 2014 - 6:25:13 am


PRISTINA: At least three people were killed and many more were injured in a suspected gas explosion at a major power plant outside the Kosovo capital Pristina yesterday.

“Until now we have three confirmed dead and many injured,” Derat Rukiqi, the chairman of plant’s management board said.

The head of Pristina’s emergency centre Basri Lenanji said 13 people had been taken there with injuries. Ambulances were seen speeding to and from the blast site, which was sealed off by police.

Rukiqi said the blast —  heard in Pristina 10km away — was believed to have been caused by gas. “The explosion was so strong that I thought it was an earthquake,” an injured engineer with a bandaged head told local television from his hospital bed.

“The ceiling started to fall. Before I left the plant I noticed many wounded and much blood,” he said. A photographer who approached the plant two hours after the explosion said its walls were severely damaged.

The windows of about a dozen cars parked nearby had shattered from the impact of the blast, as had those of houses in the vicinity.