Ceren is El Salvador president

June 02, 2014 - 1:17:40 am

SAN SALVADOR: Former guerrilla commander Salvador Sanchez Ceren was sworn in yesterday as president of El Salvador with the pressing tasks of dealing with violent gangs, a struggling economy and endemic poverty. Sanchez Ceren, 69, promised to govern “with honesty, austerity, efficiency and transparency”. “After long years of fighting for justice and democracy in my country, I receive the presidential sash with humility and profound respect, with a commitment to exercise the presidency for all Salvadorans,” he said.

He was elected president on March 9, defeating ARENA party candidate Norman Quijano by less than a quarter of a percentage point. In doing so, he became the fourth former leftist guerrilla to be elected president in Latin America after Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Jose Mujica in Uruguay, and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. AFP