Islamist attack in northeast kills 125

May 08, 2014 - 6:16:27 am

MAIDUGURI: The latest big Islamist attack in Nigeria has killed at least 125 people, police said yesterday after gunmen rampaged through a town in the northeast, near the Cameroon border.

Details emerging of the scale and ferocity of Monday’s massacre in Gamburu underscore how far Nigerian security forces are from protecting civilians in a disturbed region.

Scores of gunmen whom police suspect were from Boko Haram, an Al Qaeda-linked group, surrounded Gamburu before dawn on Monday.

They sprayed automatic gunfire around the market town, which was crowded with traders gathering before the heat of the day.

Witnesses said they burned down houses and, in some cases, slit people’s throats. A police officer assessing the scene yesterday said the death toll had reached at least 125.