Air India to join Star Alliance

May 02, 2014 - 12:00:00 am

New Delhi: The government of India-owned Air India (AI) is all set to join Star Alliance — the world’s largest airline grouping company — in July. Air India Ltd is the first airline company from India poised to join a global chain of carriers, the Times of India said yesterday.

Air India CMD Rohit Nandan said the planned moved would benefit Indian fliers as they will be able to earn-and-burn miles, get access to lounges across the globe and enjoy seamless connectivity across the globe.

“Almost all the requirements for joining Star are complete. Some work, mostly related to IT, will be completed by mid-May. Then we are set,” he said.

Star Alliance CEO Mark F Schwab said that the CEOs of Star’s member airlines will meet in London on June 22 or 23 for an endorsement vote on AI’s entry into the fold. QNA