Pregnant woman, soldier killed in Venezuela unrest

March 25, 2014 - 5:00:34 am

CARACAS: A pregnant woman was shot dead near Caracas and a soldier was killed in the western state of Merida, officials said, as the death toll from weeks of anti-government protests in Venezuela rose to 36 yesterday.

Supporters of both sides and members of the security forces have been among those killed in the nation’s worst unrest in a decade, sparked by demonstrations against socialist President Nicolas Maduro that kicked off last month.

Francisco Garces, mayor of Guaicaipuro municipality near the capital and a member of the ruling Socialist Party, said the 28-year-old pregnant woman was shot dead on Sunday during a protest. “We categorically reject the demonstrations that caused this death,” Garces told reporters.

The protests began in February with sporadic demonstrations by university students. REUTERS