​UN slams US over human rights

March 14, 2014 - 4:58:48 am
GENEVA: The US came under sharp criticism at the UN human rights committee here yesterday for a long list of human rights abuses,  including detention without charge at Guantánamo, drone strikes, NSA surveillance, the death penalty, rampant gun violence and endemic racial inequality.

At the start of a two-day grilling of the US delegation, the panel’s 18 experts made clear their deep concerns about the US record across human rights issues. Many related to faultlines as old as America, such as guns and race. 

The experts raised questions about National Security Agency’s surveillance of digital communications and intervened in the dispute between the CIA and US senators by calling for declassification and release of a 6,300-page report into the Bush administration’s use of torture techniques and rendition that lay behind the dispute. The Guardian