Reforms vindicate secret leaks: Snowden

March 11, 2014 - 12:53:55 am
AUSTIN: Former security contractor Edward Snowden, facing arrest if he steps foot on US soil, said the changes the American government and private companies have made about managing massive amounts of data helped vindicate his leaks of classified material.

Speaking to a sympathetic and tech-savvy crowd at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, via a video link from Russia, Snowden added that the US government still has no idea what material he has provided to journalists.

“I saw that the Constitution was violated on a massive scale,” Snowden said to applause, adding that his revelations of government spying on private communications have resulted in protections that have benefited the public and global society.

Last year, Snowden, who had been working at a National Security Agency facility as an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, leaked a raft of secret documents that revealed a vast US government system for monitoring phone and Internet data.

The leaks deeply embarrassed the Obama administration, which in January banned US eavesdropping on the leaders of friendly countries and allies. REUTERS