US, Mexico and Guatemala form anti-crime alliance

March 09, 2014 - 12:21:25 am
GUATEMALA CITY: The governments of the United States, Mexico and Guatemala formed a special body on Friday to fight drug trafficking and organised crime.

The Trilateral Security Desk evaluates intelligence and border risks to combat human trafficking and the smuggling of illegal weapons and drugs in the region, Guatemalan Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez told reporters.

During the group’s first meeting, at a hotel in Guatemala City, officials set a roadmap to meet security objectives. 

“The important thing is that we are discussing joint problems. This trilateral work strengthens our relationships and creates a new shared vision,” said US Assistant Secretary of International Affairs and Chief Diplomatic Officer for the Department of Homeland Security Alan Bersin.

To fight crime together, officials from the three countries agreed their police forces should establish protocols on information exchange and the flow of migrants. Guatemala is suffering from a wave of violence that has caused about 6,000 deaths, nearly half of them attributed to drugs and the operations of powerful Mexican cartels supported by local drug lords.