Italy’s Renzi warns rival parties over electoral reforms

January 29, 2014 - 6:23:41 am
ROME: Italian centre-left leader Matteo Renzi warned rival parties yesterday not to hold up electoral reform after they tabled scores of amendments that risked delaying legislation that could pave the way for wider economic measures. 

The bill was due to come before the lower house of parliament today but it has been held up by more than 200 amendments and by wrangling over key elements, such as the threshold for parties to enter parliament and the question of whether candidates should be directly elected.

Renzi, who warned this week that if the proposals are not agreed there would be no point in the current left-right coalition continuing, said change was needed immediately to open the way for broader reforms to Italy’s stagnant economy. “If politicians can’t even agree on the rules of the game, they won’t have credibility on anything at all,” he said on his Facebook page. “If anyone wants to bring it all down they should do so openly and explain it to the country.”

Renzi is aiming to have a separate constitutional law to demote the Senate to the status of a regional assembly and concentrate power in the lower house approved next year Reuters