Man sues govt for $48m over museum demolition

December 14, 2013 - 5:10:09 am


SHANGHAI: A Shanghai man is suing local authorities in China’s commercial hub for almost $48m over the demolition of his home — which doubled as a private museum — a court and reports said yesterday.

Liu Guangjia, whose house and a museum-style garden of bonsai trees and exotic rocks in the southwestern suburb of Anle were destroyed in April last year, is seeking 289m yuan ($47.6m) in compensation, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

The museum was free to visit for the public, it added.

It is rare for cases against the authorities to reach the courts in China, and state media said Liu’s demand was the largest ever brought against a local government.

A district court heard that Liu and his wife Zhu Rongzhou, both in their 70s, were taken away and tied up for 30 hours during the demolition, the Global Times said.

“Zhu had just finished treatment for breast cancer and Liu’s arm was dislocated in the struggle,” it reported.

“When they were released, the house, museum and all the contents were all gone,” it added.AFP

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