Newsweek to be resurrected

December 05, 2013 - 3:22:53 am

New York: Nearly a year after Newsweek published what it called its final print edition, the magazine has announced it will begin producing a weekly print edition as early as January. 

Newsweek editor in chief Jim Impoco told The New York Times on Tuesday that the new magazine would be “a premium product, a boutique product” — with a higher price than its predecessor. He said the publication plans to rely more on subscribers instead of advertisers to support production costs. “It’s going to be a more subscription-based model, closer to what The Economist is compared to what Time magazine is,” Impoco said. The new 64-page print edition of Newsweek will come off the presses in January or February, he said. With a target circulation of 100,000 in its first year, its sights are set considerably lower than the original print magazine which in 2010 sold roughly 1.5 million copies a week. Newsweek ran what its “final” print issue on 31 December 2012, in a move designed to save the company $40m a year. An online-only magazine called Newsweek Global was introduced in its place. Agencies

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