​European judges grill Poland over ‘secret CIA jail’

December 04, 2013 - 6:57:44 am
STRASBOURG: Poland declined to tell the European Court of Human Rights yesterday whether it had hosted a secret CIA jail on its soil.

Polish officials were questioned for the first time in open court about allegations Warsaw allowed the CIA to hold Al Qaeda suspects in a northern Polish forest a decade ago. Rights campaigners say the case in the Strasbourg-based court could help dismantle the wall of secrecy around “extraordinary rendition”, the global programme run by the CIA to detain suspected Al Qaeda militants.

But Polish envoys said they could not share information with the court because that could compromise a separate investigation by Polish prosecutors, and because the court could not guarantee the information would be kept confidential. “The government does not wish to confirm or deny the facts cited by the applicants,” Artur Nowak-Far, under-secretary of state in the Polish foreign ministry, told the court. reuters
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