​Obama’s uncle to fight US deportation order

December 04, 2013 - 6:56:00 am

BOSTON: US President Barack Obama’s uncle is expected to appear in a federal immigration court in Boston to argue that he should be allowed to stay in the United States, despite a 1992 deportation order and 2011 drunk-driving arrest. Onyango Obama, 69, is the Kenyan-born half-brother of Obama’s deceased father. He came to the United States as a teenager to attend an elite school near Boston, but later dropped out and allowed his visa status lapse. The case will be heard by Judge Leonard Shapiro, the same judge who in 2010 granted asylum to Obama’s sister and Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango. Onyango had argued she was unsafe in her native Kenya due to escalating political violence there.

UN forces in DR Congo use drones 

GOMA: United Nations forces in Democratic Republic of Congo launched unmanned aircraft yesterday to monitor the volatile border with Rwanda and Uganda, the first time UN peacekeepers have deployed surveillance drones.  The aircraft will be used to look out for threats from a host of local and foreign armed groups in the mineral rich east where Congo and UN experts have accused Rwanda and Uganda of sending arms and troops to back the recently-defeated M23 rebels, something both countries deny. The drones can fly for between eight and 14 hours and as far as 200km from their base.

Driver in NY train crash ‘lost focus’

NEW YORK: The driver of a New York commuter rail train that derailed on Sunday, killing four people, told investigators that he “lost focus” shortly before the crash, according to a law enforcement source. Investigators said on Monday that he took the seven-car Metro-North train into a curve at almost three times the posted speed limit. The driver, who is still being questioned by the National Transportation Safety Board, told investigators that he realised too late that his speed was too great and hit the brakes without enough time to bring the train under control before the curve, the source said.

Italy PM to seek new trust vote

ROME: Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta will seek a confidence vote in parliament on December 11 to confirm his new majority after Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party pulled out of the ruling coalition, the government said. Letta, who held consultations with President Giorgio Napolitano on Monday, said last week he would seek the confidence vote after his centre-left Democratic Party (PD) elects a new leader this coming Sunday and would set out priorities for his government in the coming year. 

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