Heathrow airport cancels 130 flights amid heavy snowfall

January 22, 2013 - 2:44:38 am

A child enjoys a sledge ride in the snow in Royal Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, southern England, yesterday. 

LONDON: London’s Heathrow airport cancelled 10 percent of flights yesterday because of snow, about half the number cut on Sunday, and said there could be further disruption with more snowfall expected.
Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, said it had cut around 130 flights — most operated by IAG’S British Airways — from its schedule yesterday to allow more space between aircraft because of low visibility.
“Many airports have plenty of spare runway capacity so aircraft can be spaced out more during low visibility without causing delays and cancellations. Because Heathrow operates at almost full capacity, there is simply no room to reschedule the delayed flights,” a Heathrow spokesman said.
The airport scrapped some 250 flights on Sunday and said the decision had helped it to operate smoothly.
British Airways said it had cancelled around 350 flights in total since Friday. Further light snowfalls and poor visibility were forecast at Heathrow yesterday and today, the Met Office said . REUTERS