Corsican teen on trial for killing family

November 13, 2012 - 7:25:55 am


AJACCIO, France: A 19-year-old went on trial yesterday in the French Mediterranean island of Corsica for shooting dead his parents and 10-year-old twin brothers in an act he said occurred while he was in a trance-like state. The accused, named as Andy, exterminated the entire family in August 2009 with his father’s Winchester rifle.

He had demanded a public trial hearing, saying he had been “cut off from the world since three years and this will also allow people to come to support me,” but the judge turned down the request.

Judge David Macouin also highlighted the need “to protect this youth from the impact of a public trial” and ordered a closed door session. After wiping out his family, Andy left the house with a laundry bag stuffed with ¤2,500 ($3,200) he took from a safe as well as an expensive watch. He was found by an uncle the next night on a nearby beach in shock, barefooted and wearing shorts. “I didn’t know where I was anymore. I didn’t hear anything, and my vision was blurred. There was someone else in my place,” he told investigators at the time. Andy is being held in Borgo prison in Corsica, where he completed his baccalaureat in 2011. The trial is scheduled to wrap up on Friday. AFP