Footage of tutor beating child creates uproar

July 24, 2014 - 7:41:40 am

Kolkata: A shocking video footage of a private tutor mercilessly beating a three-and-a-half-year-old child here sparked outrage across the country yesterday.

The clippings broadcast by television channels from the incident at Lake Town in northeastern Kolkata showed the child falling to the ground as the woman teacher forcefully kicked him twice on his chest. 

The horrified child, a nursery class student in a reputed English medium school, was also slapped and blows rained on him as he was thrown on to the bed and pinned down.

The child’s mother lodged a police complaint, but the accused is untraceable.

In the complaint filed at the Lake Town police station, the toddler’s mother alleged the victim sustained injuries all over the body after being brutally tortured by the teacher yesterday.

“My son was bleeding and having chest pain. From the CCTV footage, one can see that my child was begging for mercy but she did not pay any heed and went on assaulting him,” the complaint alleged.

“He has gone mute and is mentally traumatised.

“The entire family is shocked at the barbaric act of the accused person which has sent a negative message to the civilised society,” the mother said in the complaint.

She later told media persons the teacher Pooja Singh had been coming to her residence for three days to give private tuition to the child.IANS