PM disbands four cabinet committees

June 11, 2014 - 12:00:00 am

New Delhi: In what is being seen as Narendra Modi’s attempt at “minimum government, maximum governance” and a departure from the erstwhile Congress-led government’s power structure, the prime minister yesterday dissolved four cabinet committees.

These are the cabinet committee on management of natural calamities, cabinet committee on prices, cabinet committee on World Trade Organisation (WTO) matters and cabinet committee on Unique Identification Authority of India (Aadhar), the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

The cabinet secretary will now look into matters related to natural calamities, which was earlier done by the cabinet committee on management of natural calamities.

The functions of the cabinet committee on prices will now be discharged by the cabinet committee on economic affairs, the PMO statement said.

Matters relating to the WTO will now be supervised by the cabinet committee on economic affairs and, whenever necessary, by the full cabinet.

In the case of the cabinet committee on UIDAI, major decisions have already been taken and the remaining issues will be brought to the cabinet committee on economic affairs.

Modi will be re-constituting the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs and the Cabinet Committee on Security, the statement said.

Meanwhile, finance Minister Arun Jaitley yesterday said the burden on the new government was going to be higher because people have huge expectations from it.

Participating in a debate on the motion of thanks on the president’s address in the Rajya Sabha, Jaitley said the results of the Lok Sabha polls showed that Indian democracy is maturing.

“The burden on our government is going to be much higher because people expect us to do more,” he said.

Taking a jibe at the Congress, Jaitley said they started believing their own propaganda.

“Governments, when they spend hundreds of crores, fall in the trap of believing their own advertisements,” Jaitley said, responding to Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad’s allegation that the president’s speech was a copy of the Congress programmes and that it had already done 90 percent of work in most of the programmes highlighted by the new government.

“They (Congress) were believing their own propaganda. If you have done 90 percent of what has to be done, we have to do very little.” “Verdict against you (Congress) is not because people were angry about the balancing 10 percent work, it is about the state you left the country in,” Jaitley said. He also said there was nothing like copyright of ideas, and that policies were made for the same people.IANS