Congress alone can develop Telangana, says Prime Minister

 27 Apr 2014 - 6:27

Rahul Gandhi (centre), Congress party’s vice-president, waves to supporters during a campaign rally in Gujarat yesterday.

Hyderabad: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday claimed that formation of Telangana state was not possible without the Congress and said that it is only the party which can take the new state on the path of development and prosperity.
“I want to assure that your struggle and sacrifices for formation of Telangana state will not go in vain. We will together make a Telangana state which the whole country will be proud of,” he told an election rally in Bhongir in Nalgonda district, about 50km from here.
It was Manmohan Singh’s first public meeting in Telangana after parliament passed a bill in February for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.
Congratulating people on formation of Telangana state, he said after few days, the first government of Telangana will be formed and their old dream will turn into reality. “I have no doubt that with the formation of Telangana state a new phase of development and prosperity will begin,” he said.
Manmohan Singh said the Congress fulfilled its promise though many hurdles came in its way. “Many smaller parties are now trying to take credit for Telangana but I say if Congress and Sonia Gandhi had not worked hard, it would not have been possible,” he said without naming Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).
He said the people of Telangana had a responsibility to choose first government of the new state.  “It’s a huge responsibility because the policies and functioning of the first government will decide how much development Telangana can achieve,” he said adding that Congress alone can live up to their expectations. “We have experience of working for development. We know how to achieve development by taking along all sections of people. Above all we respect sentiments of Telangana people,” he added.
Manmohan Singh said if people of Telangana get right opportunities, it can become one of the developed states. He also said Hyderabad will have a key role in the development of Telangana. “If our government is elected, we will work for prosperity, development of agriculture and industry and will provide new employment opportunities for youth.”
The prime minister said after the bifurcation, the government kept in view the needs of both the states. “I announced in parliament a special package for Andhra Pradesh. We want both the states to set new records of development,” he said. 
The Prime Minister said that the statements of some BJP leaders show that dividing society is inseparable part of the party’s politics. “Though BJP later tried to distance away from these statements, I believe attempt to divide the society is an inseparable part of BJP’s politics. The statements have come at a time when some states are going to polls where BJP think politics of division will benefit them,” he said. IANS