Four booked in Goa for ‘impersonating VIPs’

December 31, 2013 - 10:17:19 am
Panaji: Four people impersonating as VIPs were arrested yesterday for flaunting red beacons on their vehicles in Goa, flouting a Supreme Court ruling on use of red beacons, flashers, sirens and blue beacons on vehicles.

The Supreme Court in a ruling on December 10 barred use of red beacons on vehicles of all except those holding high constitutional posts or offices. The four people arrested in Goa were using red beacons on their vehicles, police said. The beacons were installed atop two high-end cars, as the “VIPs” hit the state’s party circuit during peak tourist season.

Police said the four arrested men, when questioned, said they were VIPs from Haryana and Delhi. They were riding a Tata Safari and a Toyota Fortuner.

“Since they were impersonating as VIPs, we have booked them for cheating,” a police spokesperson said.

The names of those arrested are: Yatindra Rao, Satyendra Yadav and Bhavesh Yadav, all from Delhi, and Gautam Rathod from Haryana. IANS
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