Builders introduce innovative safety, security system

December 30, 2013 - 6:46:59 am
DOHA: Safety and security technology experts are introducing an innovative ‘integrated security system’ to Qatar’s building industry. 

The new system is not only capable of monitoring and controlling the safety and security of buildings in a better way, but also helping save energy consumption in a bigger way.

The Qatar-based Reign Engineering, a major building security solution provider with the support of Finnish technology, is in consultation with some of the major projects in Qatar.

With Qatari authorities tightening their building security norms, builders need to upgrade their system. 

“With our SIMPLYCITY solution, we can specify new level of user experience for different stakeholders. 

“Potential clients are showing great interest in our comprehensive solution provider,” said Foad Fanaei, Managing Partner, Reign Engineering LLC.

The new system has been tried and proven in firefighting segment. 

Equipped with a video surveillance technology, the system is capable of detecting the source point of any possible fire breakout in no time.

“Our technology will provide a new level of user experience for builders, facility managers, and security and safety service providers and, of course, occupants,” Fanaei said.

With SIMPLYCITY solution, we can specify new level user experience for different stakeholders, he added.

Recently, Reign Engineering made a presentation on its technology for leading builders in Qatar.

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