Nasheed leaves Indian mission in Maldives

February 24, 2013 - 4:30:22 am
Male/New Delhi: Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed left the Indian High Commission in Male yesterday, 11 days after he sought refuge following an arrest warrant against him in a court case.
Nasheed, who left the Indian High Commission at 4.15pm Indian time, thanked the staff of the Indian High Commission, including High Commissioner D M Mulay, for “the kindness and hospitality afforded to me during my stay”.
A large number of his supporters gathered outside the Indian chancery to greet Nasheed as he left the premises.
“It is hoped that with the development today former president Nasheed will again resume his social and political life,” the Indian external affairs ministry said.
“Former president of Maldives Nasheed had entered India’s Mission in Male on February 13 on his own volition and decided to leave on his own,” the ministry added.
Speaking to the press at the Dharubaaruge convention centre, Nasheed expressed hope that he will be able to continue with his political activities and social life.
“I do not believe that delaying my trial until after elections would infringe on the rights of any citizen,” said Nasheed, referring to the court case against him on charges of illegally detaining Chief Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed during his final days in office.
“I’ve come out with the understanding that I will be able to conduct peaceful political activity and my social life,” he said.
“I believe that even on issues that we disagree on, we can reach a compromise with the Maldivian government” he told the press.
Nasheed also said that he was hopeful that all candidates for the September 7 presidential elections would be free to contest the polls.
He thanked the international community for supporting the cause of democracy in the Maldives and that the presidential elections must be free, fair and inclusive of all candidates.
A four-member Indian delegation led by Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Joint Secretary of the Indian External Affairs Ministry, had landed in Male on Wednesday to hold talks with several senior government representatives, leaders of all major political parties and heads of independent institutions.
In a statement yesterday, the External Affairs Ministry said that India has been working closely with the government and other relevant stakeholders in the Maldives to strengthen the country’s democratic framework.