350 students to take part in model UN meet

February 21, 2013 - 5:15:24 am

DOHA: Over 350 high school students from 20 local schools and 40 international schools representing at least 25 countries will converge in Doha today to take part in academic simulations of the United Nations. 

The 8th annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference hosted by Education City’s Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) will take place at the Qatar National Convention Centre where participating high students will debate, consult and develop solutions to real world issues, in a re-creation of the real workings of the UN.

SFS-Q Dean Gerd Nonneman said: “The opportunity to participate in the Model United Nations presents a transformative moment for a future generation of engaged citizens. The students will gain a unique insight into the mechanisms of effective negotiation and global conflict resolution.”

Kathryn King, Associate Director of Student Development at SFS-Q, said:  “SFS-Q’s MUN is run by Georgetown SFS-Q students — students leading the world in the study of international affairs. Additionally, we have the participation of Georgetown faculty with expert briefs offered in our committees and sample lectures given during the event.”

This year’s MUN theme, which along with the committees and committee topics chosen by the MUN Student Board, is focused on the issue of sustainability. William YangUn Cha, an SFS-Q senior in international economics and the secretary-general for the upcoming SFS-Q MUN, will speak on sustainability as ‘particularly relevant to Qatar, the host country of our conference.’ 

On the sidelines of the conference there will be a cultural night, a colourful international bazaar, where each school will showcase national dress, food, flags, pictures, songs, and artefacts from their home countries. The festivities not only provide an engaging social activity for students, but present yet another forum in which relationship building will contribute to the atmosphere of cooperation during the more serious proceedings, in a continued microcosm of the global stage. 

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