MoI service for the deaf bags award

February 10, 2013 - 2:44:20 am

A policeman interacting with a deaf via the system.

DOHA: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has won the Arab Organisation for Social Responsibility (AOSR) award for its ‘Emergency Service for the Deaf’. 

The MoI bagged the ‘Golden Excellence Shield for Smart Services’ along with the ‘Certificate of Patent’ for its emergency service to help deaf people. The organisation described this service as ‘highest and top smart service’ in the field of social responsibility.

Director General of Civil Defence and head of National Command Centre (NCC) which manages the Operations Department that provides ‘Emergency Service for the Deaf’, Brigadier Abdullah Mohammed Al Suwaidi, said that the achievement emphasises the success of the ministry in communicating with all segments of the society including those with special needs, especially the deaf. 

“This service has helped the deaf to communicate by themselves with the emergency service of the ministry whenever they face any kind of emergency situation and to report us in detail about the incident,” Brigadier Al Suawaidi said stressing that it will help the department to extend required humanitarian service and respond immediately and to deal with the situation as soon as possible.

“The Ministry of Interior’s concern for the people with special needs stems from the strategy of the ministry on its social responsibility towards community members and its institution without any exception,” he said.

The ministry has a database of people with hearing disability and it strives to provide them more services to make sure their integration in the community, he added. 

The MoI had launched the service through 992 in September last year as part of implementing its strategy and future plans.

It is one of the services launched by the ministry that will benefit more than 500 people with hearing disability and is the  first of its kind in the Middle East. The service is provided through 3G facility where the deaf people can interact with trained personnel at emergency services for the deaf in the sign language. 

AOSR is an independent Arab organisation with numerous objectives including dealing with the concept of social responsibility at the local level and converting it to strategic level in the work of the municipalities, the Arab governments and official institutions. 

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