Three held over hate campaign against band

February 09, 2013 - 12:57:12 am
SRINAGAR: Police in Kashmir arrested three suspects yesterday for posting abusive comments and threats during an online hate campaign against an all-girl rock band.
“We tracked them down through Internet Protocol addresses and there are many more out there we are looking for,” Afadul Mujtaba, deputy inspector general of police, said.
They have been booked under the Information Technology Act and a provision of the state’s own law for criminal intimidation.
The three-member band Pragaash (First light) was forced to split up on Monday following a string of abusive and threatening posts on social media and a fatwa by the region’s most senior cleric calling the girls’ singing “un-Islamic”.
Four arrested over alleged gang rape in Delhi
NEW DELHI: Delhi police have arrested four men for allegedly gang-raping a 24-year-old mother after chasing down the car the attackers used to transport their victim, an official said yesterday.
The four men were driving through the city on Wednesday night after raping the woman, but failed to stop their car at one at one of the many new checkpoints set up after the December 16 attack. It is unclear where the men were taking her. 
“The accused refused to stop at the checkpoint and when the driver swerved past, the officers alerted the nearest police vans, which chased the car and nabbed the men,” Assistant Police Commissioner Sanjay Sehrawat said.